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Kemp Signs and Service, Inc. is a full-service commercial sign company based in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Kemp Signs began in 1995 providing service and installation throughout South Florida, and then expanded to in-house manufacturing in 2010.  Our in-house capabilities include surveys, design services, sign permits, manufacturing, installation and service for illuminated and non-illuminated signage.  Additionally, we can manufacture ADA signage, fabricate metal/fabric canopies and construct custom awnings and trellis.

​In response to the COVID 19 corona virus outbreak, we have produced plexiglass protective barriers for Corporate McDonald's across the United States.  Since then we have provided the same for various hotels, offices, restaurants and public buildings. These protective barriers provide a layer of protection from the direct spread of airborne droplets containing COVID 19 corona virus and other viruses and bacteria. 

​The production team here at Kemp Signs and Service, Inc. is here to see your project from start to finish. Check out our social media sites for examples of our completed work.


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